Restaurant Experience


Val’s originated as Holden and the surrounding towns’ most beloved restaurant and local landmark for offering high quality, creative food at discernibly reasonable prices. Nearly 20 years later, Val’s has become a staple in Central Massachusetts serving patrons from across the state and even nation-wide.

Val’s has always stayed true to its roots originating as a family restaurant not only for the families she has consistently served over the years, but her own family playing such a vital role in the business. Val’s parents have not only lent and cooked their famous recipes of Spinach Pie and Tuesday’s Meatloaf Dinner – but you’ll catch her father Jimmy socializing and greeting guests. Both of Val’s children worked in the front and back of the house throughout high school and college summer breaks. And most importantly the whole team at Val’s is a family, with employees who have been at the restaurant for more than 10 years.

Val credits her success for being able to do what she loves and doing it as a social butterfly. Val is famous for knowing her customers’ names after one visit. Val wants everyone to feel special in her restaurant just as if they were coming into her own home. She makes it a point to take children into the kitchen to make their own ice cream sundaes, and enjoys nothing more than walking through her dining room to speak with her guests ensuring a quality experience, and even sit and join them for dinner.